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Thank you to Emily Sachar, Publisher & Editor of The Red Hook Daily Catch, and Nick Karpinski, Correspondent

“It was a pleasant afternoon in mid-June when Barb Stanley looked down at her phone and smiled. She saw a text message from her husband, Will, who was trying to bake a chocolate cake. He’d never baked, not once.

Barb and Will texted a lot. They had to in order to stay connected. Since 2014, the two had lived 1,100 miles apart: Barb in Ocala, Fla., and Will in Red Hook. Barb’s love for horses pulled her to Ocala, where she owns and operates a horse farm. Ocala is renowned for its extensive farms and horse training programs. It’s one of those places, like Kentucky, where horse lovers want to be…..” click below to read the rest of the article

Heartbroken but Healing, Barb Stanley Reconfirms Her Commitment to Radio Station WKZE