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Thank you to all who entered for their sharing their love and creative spirit with the KZE Staff! What an absolute joy it was to look at your pictures, read your poems, listen to your songs… At times we were moved to tears. Below are the finalists submissions and winner of the drawing.  Click here to review the contest rules.


William Clarke “Love From Sunrise To Sunset: Nature of The Northeast”

This illustration is inspired by my love of the beautiful area we live in. From The Hudson to The Housatonic, the natural beauty of this Tri-State area is something very special. A walk/ride/commute near a misty field in the early morning or catching the vivid colors of a cold winter sunset are just two examples of things that make me LOVE living here. -William Clarke

Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors who provided the incredible Grand Prize Package!


Kevin Abney “Eye Heart Tacos”

The materials used are Baltic birch plywood and spray paint. The overall dimensions are 24″ x 58″.

Rosalie Esposito “Our Goal 99/100”

27 years to go….

David Capellaro “A Valentine’s Wish”

In the evening
When the sun is going down
I will think of you along my way,
And I will revel in the memories I have wound of you
Like golden threads of love, into my day.

I will see you standing in the nighttime light,
Wind blowing through your hair,
Bright starshine in your eyes,
The half moon glowing its soft substance on your skin,
And you’ll come flowing to me like the wind.

When in the morning
As the sun is rising strong ,
You will be the spark that starts my day.
Your presence in my mind will carry me along
Through solitude or come whatever may.

And so I ask myself
Again just one more time,
Will this day be the day that you are truly mine?
If you so feel the same and call upon my door,
No dream will ever be as wonderful.

Madeline Friedman “Cat Dreams”

Cat Dreams, Paper Cut Art. 9”x16”
My cat always twitches and moves his paws when he is in deep sleep and I like to imagine he is dreaming of mice and balls of yarn. This piece represents my cats dreams. Reality is shown inside the matt, and my cat’s dreams are represented outside the matt. The innocence of the sleeping cat is complimented by the gentle frame the yarn creates, and the curious mice sprinkled at the bottom of the piece. This is one of my favorite pieces because of the details in the cutting and the characters captured in the cat and mice.

Sending big love to all of our listeners on this Valentine’s Day, and every day, from all of here at 98.1 KZE. Thank you for your continued love and support!