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Here’s what listeners have to say about 98.1 KZE – The Home of Musical Diversity!

Rick, I’ve never emailed a radio station before, but I wanted to let you know, you always have the right tunes as we are driving in in the morning. Even on our hardest days out the door, you always help turn our morning around. Thank you! ~ Erin (Email)

Good afternoon I just want to say I love the tunes you are spinning. Thank you so much. You are a great DJ. I love listening to KZE when you are on the air.  ~ unknown listener for DJ Corey (Phone Message)

Thanks for doing such an incredible job. The station really makes my day.  The cats, rabbit, and even the raccoons under the porch dig it! Tom (LAB Member)

I love you all so much, it’s like you are all my friends! Especially Rick! And please tell Lydia that I said hello – she’s adorable. I love you all so much, it’s like you are all my friends!  ~ Mark  (Phone Message)

Thank you for playing an extended traditional Tango. Way to go, Diversity at KZE!!! ~ Laura (Email)

We love your radio station and music diverse format… we discovered your station when we were visiting family in Pine Plains many years ago. We have been streaming your station ever since and several of our friends asked what we are listening to and they are also streaming your station at their homes. Thanks and keep that awesome music flowing. ~ Patrick (Email)

WKZE my longtime favorite radio station. 5-Stars! ~ Kevin (Google Business)

I look forward to Sunday evenings. It starts with Women of Note, but then especially Nightshade… and tonight has proven why. Thank you so much for this music – for the uniqueness, the artistry of the composition of presentation, for the deliciousness of every tune. I am truly a fan of this program. In gratitude, Penny (FB Messenger)

The music selection this afternoon has been incredible! ~ Dawn (FB Messenger)

Thanks for playing such a great set day after day. I’ve been painting my home, and fixing my moto late at night and listening to WKZE more then ever. And I just got to tell you it’s great. My favorite music is music with soul. And WKZE is a soul station. I go crazy for Tom waits, went to Purchase with Longhorn Slim, and dig the world music you play. Plus reggae! And a fiddle in every third song. My son plays cello, WKZE is the only station we regularly here cellos on. You rock. All y’all, but your set at the top of the (Midday) show today was so on point. ~ Jeff (Email)

I have never been disappointed with what’s playing on this station…free form FM at its finest. 5-Stars! ~ Hannah (Google Business)

You are playing such a great set. Thank you so much. I love listening when you’re playing, when you’re the DJ. You spin such great tunes, a great station. What an awesome afternoon I’m having, thank you for your music.  ~ unknown caller for DJ Corey (Phone Message)

Great music from great people at a great radio station!!! ~Don (Email)

I just want to thank Jerrice Baptiste for playing “Can’t We Be Friends” by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong during Women of Note tonight. Fantastic duet that I had somehow never heard before. Love your program, love the station. Happy Valentine’s Day from a grateful listener. ~ Tracy (FB Messenger)

I discovered KZE when I moved to Copake 2 years ago just in time to escape NYC and COVID.  Can’t get thru the day without you. ~ Jon (Email)

I moved from Salisbury to New Hampshire 2 years ago and still listen every morning faithfully.  I donated some money on Christmas because Acoustic Christmas was just so incredibly beautiful. Thank you all for being who you are and doing what you do! It improves my life so much. ~ Pat (Phone Message)

Thanks for spinning all the great music. It has been especially helpful and joyful during the entire pandemic period to have a connection to our communities through WKZE! ~ David  (Email)

I really appreciates the DJs who help so much to lighten up this very difficult time. Shared insights into the music and musicians and what’s going on really add to my life and help so much to make the days pass more enjoyably. ~ Brendan (Phone Message)

Just a big thank you from Spring Branch (TX).  Please don’t ever change your format. Great station.  ~ Donald (Email)

I just want to thank Jerrice Baptiste for playing “Can’t We Be Friends” by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong during Women of Note tonight. Fantastic duet that I had somehow never heard before. Love your program, love the station. Happy Valentine’s Day from a grateful listener. ~ Tracy (FB Messenger)

Your diverse music is exactly what I have been looking for in a radio station. I have some similar stations in Illinois, but none are as diverse as you guys, and you rock it well!! ~ Dan (Reviews Form)

I discovered KZE on a business trip and I continue to listen from my home in the San Francisco. Great station and great advertisers I hope to visit sometime. ~ James (GoFundMe)

Although always on at my house for so many years I can’t count, this amazing radio station has been like my heartbeat during this terrible quarantine/self isolation period. Imagine these recent days with no radio….and help them out if you can. ~ Susan (GoFundMe)

Hi to Lydia! We’re painting bedrooms down here in Key Largo. Your tunes are perfect! Thank goodness for live streaming! ~ Bev (FB Messenger)

I love everything this station brings to the Hudson valley !! ~ Daryl Ann (GoFundMe)

I can’t imagine my life without WKZE! I have been a devout listener for 22 years and counting. Sending you the most loving energy during this time of need. ~ Patty (GoFundMe)

WKZE ticket giveaways have allowed me to see many great artists in intimate venues like Infinity Music Hall and Towne Crier and Club Helsinki. I love the musical diversity they play. Thanks Will and Barb. And shout out to Rick, as always, help people, don’t hurt people! ~ Andrew (GoFundMe)

WKZE features the best music that you would find on any of your personal mixes. They dive deeper into your record collection, and they share new local music that stimulates your ears, hearts and minds, promoting local events and advertising locally. I no longer live in upper Hudson Valley, but I tune in on the internet when I don’t know what I want to listen to, knowing WKZE will satisfy my itch to hear a pleasing soundtrack. When I am visiting my old home-turf and can tune into 98.1 I turn off my podcast app, tune into the radio and jam out to WKZE. It’s the best! ~ Michelle (Facebook)

I love this station. Eclectic, non commercial and I especially love Movin’ and Groovin’ on Saturdays early evenings. And the Up and Running Show. ~ Lisa (Facebook)

They play incredibly diverse music-you won’t hear the top 100 every hour on the hour. All local advertisers. ~ Susan (Facebook)

KZE is essential! ~ John (GoFundMe)

Always great music! All genres. ~ Matt (Facebook)

I love WKZE! Nowhere else do you hear programming so diverse, but beyond diversity, excellent tunes. The on-air staff are so down to earth, and kind. I listen online since moving from the Hudson valley to St Petersburg, Florida. ~ Drew & Patti (Facebook)

Just a fantastic local station. Great mix of music. Have turned me onto so many artists I would not have otherwise heard of. Really appreciate Rick’s taste as well as anyone else that contributes here. Oh so good. ~ Scott (Facebook)

Get turned on to new music and catch some of your faves!!! Best station ever!!! ~ Joan (Facebook)

I’ve been listening to WKZE since 2000, when I bought a little getaway cottage in the Catskills. Whether living here as a weekender or full-time, KZE has been a constant source of good (and diverse) music—and a kind of musical companionship. Thank you! ~ David (Facebook)

Always diverse…eclectic… unique… and absolutely fantastic music on WKZE!!!  It’s the station where my car radio stays locked. I know I’ll be enjoying whatever music they play, for all my trips…to wherever! ~ Robin (Facebook)

Most diverse station I know & the tunes are great! They know good music and where to find it, it’s always different. Only station where I actually enjoy listening to the commercials too because they have a good sense of community in them. Keep doin what you’re doin guys! Thank you! ~ Brooke (Facebook)

When I was in the Hudson Valley I advertised on KZE with excellent results. The typical KZE listener isn’t typical at all, except that they are knowledgeable, intelligent, interested and interesting. If you do business in the Mid Hudson area, you might want to consider working with KZE. Their Dollar Saver service could be an inexpensive way to start. ~ Robert (Facebook)

WKZE is an amazing independent station that supports the local communities! This station plays music that ranges from the well known artists to foreign artists to home grown local musicians who are not backed by major corporations, giving the listeners a true understanding of what is really happening in musical communities, here and abroad! ~ Richard (Facebook)

This is a great station! The program I truly LOVE is “Women of Note” on Sundays from 5-7. I have never heard so much absolutely fantastic music! Tune in via the web! ~ Judith (Facebook)

I love that WKZE is an independent radio station with real people as DJs and a diversity of great music. I’ve also been impressed by how supportive they’ve been of their small business advertisers throughout the isolation. Good music, often stuff you’ll not hear elsewhere! ~ Mary Beth (Facebook)

One of my favorite stations no matter what coast I’m on. ~ Michael (Facebook)

Best damn station ever!!!! Listening through the stream as I scroll through Facebook. Thank you so much for being here and for being the most eclectic station I’ve ever been lucky enough to listen to!!!! ~ Joan (Facebook)

WKZE is awesome most diverse radio station! ~ Kim (Facebook)

I love how they bring great new music to my attention. Great variety, imaginative programming, a pleasant diversion from the current situation. This station adds so much to our life in the Hudson Valley. ~ Julia (Facebook)

On what other radio station in this whole wide country, can a person hear during a single day: Los Lobos, Hot Tuna, Little Feat, Grateful Dead, Travelin’ McCourys, Wood Brothers, Muddy Waters, Dr John, Miles Davis, Bob Marley, Traffic, Allman Brothers, Mavis Staples, The Band, Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, Boz Scaggs, Rolling Stones, Miss Tess, Dave Alvin, Reverend Payton’s Big Damn Band, Bob Dylan, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Neil Young, Markus King Band, to name just a few? Well??? Which other station???? ~ John (Facebook)

This is the best radio station folks! Listened for years when I still lived in New England. In fact, played it daily in my office at Jacob’s Pillow for years (a lady never reveals her age) until my husband retired & we moved to SC. Now I stream coz this gal still has to hear good music & great live radio personalities. ~ Patsy (Facebook)

Corey is King!! Saturday sets are always tremendous and he opens my ears to many artists I’m not familiar with. ~ Niel (Facebook Messenger)

The Moving and Grooving Dance Party is a big part of what keeps us going, so thank you!  We have even got a bunch of our friends listening in different places (and different states with the web streaming), so we are all dancing together- but separately.  ~ Robert & Janice (Email)

Just want to thank you so much for keeping all our spirits up during these unprecedented times. I know it a heavy weight to stay positive not only for yourself and families but to all of us out there that listen to your station all day every day!!  You a rising to the challenge!!! Thank you so very much. Keep the music going!! We will get through this! ~ Donna (Email)

We are continuing to rely on the fantastic programming at WKZE to get us through the crisis with our sanity intact.  We are very fortunate to have available such a high quality independent station that is able to play such a wide variety of eclectic music, and are proud to be making weekly donations for as much as we can afford to help support the station during this difficult time.

Thank you Will. Your Wednesday Midweek Meetups have been so helpful these past few months. Today’s interview with Tyrone was just what I needed to hear. Great questions and great answers… Most of the interviewers focus on the problems, not the solutions. Thank you. ~ David (Email)

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