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About Us

WKZE–the station that does diversity….because without diversity, life (and music) is boring.  That’s what we believe…. and if you believe it too, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s what an internet listener wrote to us recently:

Just wanted to thank you for your internet stream. I was a faithful listener when I lived in New York… THANK YOU so much for the stream. Radio here in San Diego sucks. WKZE was the ONLY thing I miss about life on the east coast- I used to tell everyone about it… And I’ll tell all my friends to listen while they surf the web! PLEASE don’t ever change. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

And here’s another recent discoverer of KZE in an email to our own Paul Higgins:

When we began our slow but steady move up to the Hudson Valley, one of our greatest regrets was leaving behind our favorite radio station, WXPN, in Philadelphia, and especially our favorite program, the Sunday morning Sleepy Hollow — a show of quiet, eclectic musical diversity. Then we had to go through the shock of losing the Sunday host for that program, Keith Brand, and knowing that things would not be the same on Sunday mornings. Then we heard you and Sunday Brunch and we couldn’t be more relieved, or happier. The “voice” of the show, its personality and tone, the way the music (and host) make us feel is the perfect replacement for Sleepy Hollow — in fact, in many ways Sunday Brunch is even better. And we appreciate the steady, creative hand of you, Paul, for giving us our adult-listening weekend morning back. Now, we are even streaming WKZE to hear you when we’re back in Philly. And we’ve just discovered Nightshade — we joke that if Sleepy Hollow and John Diliberto’s “Echoes” had a child, it would be Nightshade, and that’s a big compliment. Thank you — and thanks to WKZE for putting you on the air to provide us with destination radio again. Keep up the great work. And tell your advertisers that shopping locally is our goal.

And that’s one more thing we believe at WKZE….. that “local” is always better than “national.”  For that reason there are NO NATIONAL ADS!  WKZE only allows local advertisers on the air, and we try hard to make the messages “informative” rather than “wildly creative” and silly.  This is probably one of the reasons that people constantly compliment us on our advertising, rather than complaining about it!

So if MUSICAL DIVERSITY and NO NATIONAL ADVERTISING are the elements you’re looking for in a radio station, you’ve come to the right place…. 98.1 KZE!  If you’re in Red Hook, Rhinebeck, or even in Ulster County, you can also try 105.9… our translator in Milan NY.