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Provided courtesy of  Ulster Savings Bank.

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There are two great players to choose from, both of which show the artist and title of the song playing.

Click here to launch our 64k AAC+ stream player.

Click here to launch our 32k AAC stream player.

A great option, whether you’re using an iPhone, Android phone, or a computer, is  You may need an external player to play the stream this way, but you can use iTunes or Winamp…both great and both free!

Itunes is basically the same: load the program, go to Advanced/Open Stream, and put in one of the two links above.  The stream should start immediately.

KZE Mobile App

Android: Click here from your Android phone to find our Android app.

iPhone:    Click here for a link to help you stream WKZE from iPhone!

KZE Playlist

of last 20 songs.  Hold your mouse over the box and use the arrows to navigate.

If you can’t see this widget, click here.